Pet Psychics: Stop Wondering What Your Pet Has to Say

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This interview brought to you by Nicole Monroe, renowned pet psychic.

Nicole is a psychic animal communicator who can help you understand and respond to your pet’s telepathic communications. Nicole can communicate with any species of animal (domestic or wild), as well as contact deceased pets, or your pet’s spirit guides. Sessions can be conducted in-person, on the telephone or through e-mail.

Nicole uses three methods of communication: direct, psychic and dream realm connection to assure a thorough reading with your animal. Nicole is also able to help animals heal physically and emotionally through spiritual healing.

Direct Communication

The first style of communication is direct or telepathic. You can have a direct two-way conversation with your pet. When Nicole is telepathically communicating with an animal she will get impressions, images, feelings or words for what they are saying. This information comes directly from the animal, in their word style and personality. In talking to your animal this way, Nicole is able to relay their feelings and viewpoints about issues effecting them and their human family, in some cases it is like having a family counseling session. Most people are quite surprised to find out just how many aspects of human life their animals are consciously aware of, involved in, and have strong opinions about! However, since this way of communicating comes directly from the animal, it is not always complete or trustworthy, just like in some human-to-human conversations. For example, some animals may choose to hide a physical or emotional problem; other animals may be shy and not want to say much; while still others may be trouble makers or tricksters who find it fun to tell jokes or even flat out lies! Therefore, Nicole uses two other styles of gaining information about an animal along with this direct communication.

Psychic Communication

Just like people, animals have angels and spirit guides around them all the time, guiding and protecting them, and helping them to understand and accomplish their life’s purpose. Along with talking with your animal directly, Nicole is able to talk to your animal’s angels and spirit guides for higher wisdom or clear objectivity in any situation. Communicating with your animal’s angels can help you understand why an animal may do a specific behavior, what your animal needs to be happy, and how you can help your animal fulfill his/her life purpose. If your animal has a traumatic past, the angels can tell you how to best help your animal to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Angels and spirit guides are often helpful in discovering, finding treatment for, or understanding the purpose of health issues your animal may have. If your animal is very ill, the angels can help you know what your pet needs to complete his/her mission on earth and how you can best help them experience a peaceful transition into spirit. Keep this in mind; it’s the best way to find psychics near me.

Dream Realm Communication

The third way Nicole is able to help animals is in the dream realm. Sometimes before or after a session, Nicole will have a “visionary” type of dream where the animal will give her information about itself or a situation that it would not reveal in normal life. For most animals there is a particular spirit who watches over their particular species. For example, Nicole has met a “Dog God”, “Cat God”, “Horse God”, “Bird God”, “Fish God, and a “Mouse God”. These “God’s” work somewhat like angels and guides only on a larger scale, they often show themselves in dreams to bring help or guidance to a particular animal or species, herd, flock or school of animals.

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